Advertiser: QIMR Berghofer
Salary: $80886 - $89806

This ad is now closed and is an example of a job including maths skills. 

Statistical consultancy and research collaboration with clinicians and scientists
Highly autonomous role with opportunity for leadership development
Specialist statistical knowledge and experience to support medical research

The Unit provides statistical consultancy, collaborates in medical research and develops statistical and research skills for clinicians and scientists at QIMR Berghofer and Metro North HHS. You will be a senior member of a team of five specialist consultants and four project based statisticians.

We are seeking an experienced Biostatistician to join our team. Statistical skills and experience in genetics, epidemiology, laboratory based studies or clinical trials are desirable but other specialist skills will also be encouraged. You will use your expert statistical knowledge to collaborate and consult directly with clinicians and scientists, developing statistical resources and methods to facilitate meeting their research outcomes. You will contribute to training courses for researchers in the methods and practice of statistics, and provide statistical review for manuscripts and grant applications. You will have the opportunity to take a leadership role within the Unit, to lead statistical aspects of projects and to further develop expertise in your specialist area.

To be considered, you must have at least a Bachelor or Masters qualification in biostatistics and knowledge and experience of at least one of the specialist areas of statistical genetics, epidemiology, laboratory based studies or clinical trials. You will have experience in consulting and collaborative research, with peer-reviewed publications, and possess demonstrated knowledge of statistical techniques and procedures applicable to medical and public health research. You must be proficient in computer packages for statistical analyses and data management, and be able to effectively communicate in both written and oral forms to a wide range of clients. Leadership experience and potential will be highly valued. If you are still developing these skills you will also be considered. Salary: Appointments will be offered according to qualifications and experience, within salary range of $80,886-$89,806. There are several full time appointments available for up to 3 years. You are encouraged to apply if you are seeking part time roles.

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