The Elegant Satisfaction of Geometry

For University of Western Australia PhD student, Jesse Lansdown, geometry is both elegant and satisfying. His PhD research looks at when ovoids – a set of points where every line is incident with exactly one point in polar spaces – occur and why or why not.

“This has a range of applications including cryptography and coding theory,” he explains.

Despite a passion for the subject, Jesse didn’t see mathematics as a career pathway until he began engineering at university. After enrolling in mathematics as a second major, he realised his passion was matched with natural aptitude and switched degrees. This is not surprising, given his experience of the subject high school.

“My teachers helped me to see the challenge and satisfaction maths could bring. However, it was only in university that I took it seriously.”

Recently he chose to spend his summer expanding his mathematical knowledge of Projective Geometry and Conic Programming at AMSI Summer School.”

He is impressed at AMSI’s efforts to enhance the profile of Australian mathematical sciences and encouraging efforts at all levels.

“Many people tend to view maths as elusive or obscure when in actual fact I is useful, learnable and interesting.”

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