Removing Chaos from Fire Safety

In her role as Program Manager at the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Cassie Pennicuik is dedicated to improving the CFA’s community service delivery through the introduction of more fire fighters, emergency appliances and new and modified stations. 

As Program Manager at the CFA, I manage both the Project Management Office and one of the largest projects at CFA. This project has a large and complex budget dedicated to improving the CFA’s service delivery to the community through the introduction of more fire-fighters, emergency appliances and new and modified stations. The role requires careful and robust planning.

Maths has equipped me to drive process-focused problem solving while using my planning skills to break down complex problems and support organisational management of timely and cost-effective solutions. As well as research skills, my studies provided the scientific knowledge to communicate complex technical concepts and issues to broad audiences. These skills are critical when facilitating stakeholder-brainstorming sessions or helping teams meet deadlines or goals through logic and organisation, rather than chaos. Maths is a fantastic base for so many careers, with the transferrable skills it provides.

Being younger and being female has at times had its challenges, but I work hard to be recognised on my merit, and believe that my work will speak for itself. I don’t hesitate to put myself forward for something I am interested in – on the soccer field or in my career – I don’t mind what was done before me or what stereotypes I might challenge. I believe in trying to make everything I work on better than how I found it.

Cassie Pennicuik is an ambassador for the CHOOSEMATHS Careers Awareness Campaign

Removing Chaos from Fire Safety
CHOOSEMATHS is a joint initiative of the Australian Mathematical Science Institute and the BHP Billiton Foundation.
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