Teaching Excellence & MisterWooTube

Head teacher of mathematics at NSW’s largest secondary school, Eddie Woo uses a modern teaching approach mixing live classroom interaction with online Maths learning through his highly popular YouTube channel, Wootube. Amassing over 4 million views globally and almost 50,000 subscribers, the channel has attracted international media attention.

Two teachers at school showed me that being a teacher is an unparalleled opportunity for serving and positively influencing individuals in the next generation. They taught me through their actions that they cared for every student they taught. At the same time, through my participation and leadership of various extra-curricular groups as a student, I discovered that I really enjoyed seeing others learn. It didn’t matter what I was helping someone to understand, I just fell in love with seeing the “aha” moment in a person’s eyes when an idea finally clicked in their mind.

I consistently seek to take maths beyond the numbers so my students, staff and the broader community gain a full and deep appreciation for the whole breadth of mathematical understanding and endeavour. I use modern approaches to teaching and learning to increase the participation and performance not only of students within my school but across the country.

Through Wootube I can support a broader range of learning capacities, with content provided in a self-directed format so that students are able to set their own pace for progressing through learning material. Together with the channel’s companion website and social media channels, it demonstrates the unique way that today’s technology can be leveraged to improve students’ access to learning.

Eddie Woo was awarded a CHOOSEMATHS Teacher Excellence Award in 2016


His YouTube videos and other material can be accessed from his website misterwootube.com

Teaching Excellence & MisterWooTube
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