From Yugoslavia to Cancer Research: the Mathematics of Success

Dr Milica Ng’s story highlights the many doors mathematics and other STEM studies can open doors for students.

Growing up in a mathematically minded family in Yugoslavia– her father and uncle are engineers – it was perhaps inevitable Milica (pronounced Millitsa) would follow in their footsteps.

‘I just saw maths, computing and physics as fun. I liked the challenge of solving problems and being on the school maths team. It never occurred to me these skills could turn into a job, let alone a career.’

She has since gone on to enjoy a busy and varied career including roles in IT, business and most recently as a Boinformatics Research Scientist at global therapeutics company, CSL. Working alongside over 80 biologists, the former AMSI Intern student uses her mathematics, computing and engineering expertise to improve quality of life and treatments for patients with rare life-threatening conditions such as haemophilia.

‘It is exciting to see the role of mathematical and other quantitative sciences evolve in medical and biological research with the rapid development of measuring platforms and technologies.’

From Yugoslavia to Cancer Research: the Mathematics of Success
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